Sister, didnt women need a man?

I am a floater. I have a life. Just once. I also have a blog that i love most, to write crying and smiling, sometimes to condemned someone. I have to stop it, and delve the feeling. There are a way.

There are my friend that always spend their ears for me, advise me and spirit me. I have Quran to guide me when i limp on the sea of life. When crying, i have my pillow to be my partner. When feel uneasy, i have my diary to jot down. I have everything. I have my beloved family. They use to call me monkey, because i like wandering. I dont care and I'm happy.

Sister, didnt you have a boyfriend? No. Boy is my enemy. Why?

Didnt you feel lonely? No. 

How can you life like that? Just walk and go on.

Even Rasulullah SAW also said that women and men need each other. Its nature. How can men being your enemy? Ouch, killer question! Oh my dear, a girl can be your best friend,  a worse enemy, a cute sister, and a real sweetheart or a real jerk depends on how you treat her. But i will be a princess just for my husband only. Thats my present for him. Didnt you want to give special present to your special heart? You must start it from now. :)

  • Kalau ada salah dan silap dalam penggunaan bahasa Inggeris tu, harap ditunjuk ajar dan minta maaf. Saya budak BM je. :) 
  • Kasut sukan maktab tak boleh percaya, kalau nak pakai jangan lupa bubuh gam gajah atau jahit ke dulu. Kalau tak, peristiwa petang tadi mesti berlaku. Kasut cabut tapak. Malu haih. Pengalaman gelak ketawa cari pinjam kasut orang kat luar court. :)
  • Insya-Allah, hujung minggu ni pergi IPBM. Tak tahulah rezeki macam mana nanti. Almaklumlah, pasukan perempuan pertama IPGKI lawan hoki. Cipta sejarah, paling tidak pun boleh jumpa dan belajar hoki dari senior2 yang pakar. :)


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